Red plastic chairs, sounds of sizzling beef and the mouth-watering aromas of garlic, lime, chilli, lemongrass and mint — these are just few of the many qualities that Vietnamese street food is admired for. Patrons can expect to find traditional dishes like Phở and Bánh mì, often cooked using family recipes passed through generations. With food preparation often occurring inches away from dining areas, visitors often form bonds with both merchants and fellow guests. The din of joyful chatter and clanging utensils foster an inviting ambiance amidst the action.

Vietnamese restaurant interior open kitchen area

Channeling his Southeast Asian heritage, entrepreneur Jackie Tran Anh aimed to translate the Vietnamese food scene into a small restaurant in Prague. While Tran Anh already owns several highly regarded third-wave coffee shops throughout the Czech capital, it was not until his parents passed down their homestyle bistro that he considered a venture into food service. The result is AN Bistro Café — a design-driven fusion of a lunch counter and an artisanal café.

AN Bistro Café Vietnamese restaurant coffee dining area

Designed by Neuhäusl Hunal, the space channels the raw atmosphere of a Vietnamese sidewalk vendor while incorporating contemporary motifs. Appropriately, the 121-square-metre interior features an open kitchen, which connects patrons to the culinary action and blurs the line between the back and front of house. Penny pattern rubber flooring from Interface‘s Nora collection is used throughout both the cooking and dining areas, emphasizing a unified aesthetic.

light red tiling restaurant interior with plants and coi fish neon light

Integral to the Southeast Asian motif, red ceramic tiles by Ceramica Vogue add subtle yet dynamic texture to the counters and walls. As with the flooring, rigorous consistency lends the whole space a unified — and distinctly informal — ambiance. HAY’s bright Revolver Stools serve as a hardy alternative to the plastic chairs used across Vietnam. Alongside the ceramic counters, minimalistic black steel tables and exposed concrete walls also give the café an industrial flavour.

AN Bistro Café restaurant interior with red tiles in dining area and coffee machine

Cozy pendant lighting illuminates the interior with a soft glow, allowing natural light to flood the space in the daytime. The designers also chose to leave the wiring prominently visible, maintaining an unpolished industrial edge. Glowing neon lights embellish the walls with cultural symbols, such as a dragon and a Koi fish.

Restaurant interior kitchen area with red dining stools

In addition to the many Southeast Asian emblems, blossoming greenery and pink florals are scattered throughout, evoking Vietnam’s lush landscape — even in the Prague winter.

AN Bistro Café exterior at night

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