Bonjour Fête in los angeles. / sfgirlbybay

Hellllllllo, Party People! Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite shop, Bonjour Fête. This celebration station provides everything you need for your next soirée – balloons, banners, cutlery, activities, candles, confetti, plates, pinatas, decor, gifts, the list goes on and on and so will your ideas the second you walk in the door. Rachel started Bonjour Fête as an online shop while living in Montreal and then opened her colorful brick and mortar when she moved back to Los Angeles and our upcoming celebrations thank her. And for daily party inspiration, be sure to follow Bonjour Fête on instagram.

pink balloons at Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybayBonjour Fête party store. / sfgirlbybayBonjour Fête in los angeles. / sfgirlbybayparty supplies from Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybayBonjour Fête: gifts and party decor store. / sfgirlbybaycolorful desserts at Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybaycolorful paper fans. / sfgirlbybayparty decor and gifts from Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybayballoons for sale at Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybayBonjour Fête party supplies store. / sfgirlbybay party decorations from Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybaycacti paper plates from Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybaywrapping paper from Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybaypaper goods for sale at Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybayBonjour Fête shop. / sfgirlbybayBonjour Fête in L.A. / sfgirlbybayparty table decor and paper goods from Bonjour Fête. / sfgirlbybayBonjour Fête store in los angeles. / sfgirlbybay Bonjour Fête owner outside her shop in L.A. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.