Art of Brian Alfred

American artist Brian Alfred is best known for his collages, paintings, and digital animations. He works fluidly between classic and contemporary media like drawing and digital art, and he depicts subject matters that range from architecture and technology to modern idealism and romantic heroism. Best known for his works that examine how people’s perception of their surrounding world and culture is mediated by technology, Alfred’s practice is often accounted for as socio-critical and a mirror of our contemporary times.


He creates flattened and usually depopulated worlds of color reproduced in two dimensional bold patterns, often derived from found images. Alfred explores the effect public imagery has on individual perceptions of reality by using newspaper photographs, television advertising, and the internet as source. Inscrutable scenes in his paintings and animations remind the viewer of how public media tend to show a glimpse of reality: relevant information is cropped out of the image and the overall picture is flattened into a coherent colourful narrative of a simple ideology.


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Animation by @alfredstudio of “Flat Iron Dusk” originated with work made in conjunction with a solo show at called High Rises and Double Vision via @seditionart⠀ #brianalfred #artfrontrow #artfrow

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