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Since 2014, Yellowtrace has produced the pre-eminent Salone Del Mobile and Milan Design Week review via our signature Talk Series and Digital Report— MILANTRACE. This multi-channel project delivers unparalleled coverage and a front-row seat to the greatest display of design talent globally.

This year is different, though. For the first time in almost a decade, we’ve decided to take MILANTRACE to the next level—hard to believe, right!? Described by our audience as “the next best thing to being in Milan, minus the blisters”, MILANTRACE 2023 will continue to deliver in true form via in-depth editorial on Yellowtrace, across our social channels, and via our Talk Series presented in partnership with Living Edge (coming in June).

So… What’s different about MILANTRACE 2023, then? I’m so glad you asked!

We’re thrilled to announce we’re opening up partnership opportunities to the brands and companies for whom we exist. A chance to integrate your brand into an annual project with a much-loved and committed audience. The audience is important, like—super important—so we’ve also decided to double down on the MILANTRACE 2023 Digital Report.

The final feather in our fine Italian cap is our special MILANTRACE Docu-series which continues to grow into an entity unto itself. This year will be no different as we seek to capture the best and most in-depth content possible, making good on the ‘pinch yourself’ access we get each year.

It’s a thrill to open up MILANTRACE to an even wider audience this year, and each channel allows many integration opportunities. We now ask for your support, ideas and suggestions on how we can continue serving our beloved design community at large via this epic annual event. Want to know how to get in on the action?

Let’s break it down.



MILANTRACE 2018 Report Cover, by Yellowtrace

MILANTRACE 2019 Report Cover, by YellowtracePast editions of MILANTRACE Report (2018 & 2019).


Independent Designers in Milan—Get on our Radar!


If you’re exhibiting in Milan this year, get on our radar by letting us know about your show. If you’re an organised superstar, send us your press kit via this link.

If you don’t have a press kit, a considered email will do—we get it! PLEASE avoid sending DM’s on Instagram—they’re useless at the best of times, especially when it comes to Milan and the scale of the project. Love you long time, Team Yellowtrace x


Brands/ PR companies in Milan—Express Your Interest!


We’re offering tailored partnership opportunities for the first time since 2014—crazy, right!? Leverage our unrivalled experience and design authority, having delivered the pre-eminent coverage of Salone Del Mobile for nearly a decade.

Our focus remains on brands with whom we have a genuine intersection, offering a range of prominent opportunities—ensuring you won’t be missed! Play your part in the future of MILANTRACE so we can shine a light on your work for years to come. As Jerry Maguire said—Help me, help you! Get in touch with us here.


Yellowtrace Audience—Attend, Experience & Share!


I mean, of course, you are. You’re hanging out here, after all. Perhaps you have a keen interest in the history and future of design—or maybe you just ‘need to know’ about the annual epitome of cool in the design world.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in one of our major cities (or you have a penchant for domestic air travel, just sayin’), you can support this ambitious project by attending one of our live talks in June. Better still, bring a friend or your whole design team—our talks are as legit as it gets! Like proper, CPD credited this year—BOOM!

Stay tuned for an announcement on talk dates, or better yet—join our Early Bird list at this link for special offers, group bookings and VIP action.

For the rest of you who can’t make it to the talk series, we are working super hard on making sure you can still access MILANTRACE via our new-and-improved Digital Report, made available after we wrap the talk series. Get on the list to ensure you’re the first to know when the MILANTRACE 2023 Report drops like it’s hot. Which it will be. And you know it.

Ciao for now, Mama Yellowtrace X



Milantrace 2022 Yellowtrace Living Edge Sydney Evening Talk Photo Cassandra Hann 02

Milantrace 2022 Yellowtrace Living Edge Sydney Evening Talk Photo Cassandra Hann 01MILANTRACE 2022 Sydney Evening Talk. Photo: Cassandra Hann, courtesy of Living Edge.


Milantrace 2022 Yellowtrace Living Edge Melbourne Evening Talk Photo Joseph Feil 02

Milantrace 2022 Yellowtrace Living Edge Melbourne Evening Talk Photo Joseph Feil 01MILANTRACE 2022 Melbourne Evening Talk. Photo: Joseph Feil, courtesy of Living Edge.


Milantrace 2022 Yellowtrace Living Edge Perth Talk Photo Rebecca JohanssonMILANTRACE 2022 Perth Talk. Photo: Rebecca Johansson, courtesy of Living Edge.

Milantrace 2022 Yellowtrace Living Edge Brisbane Talk Photo Anna OsetroffMILANTRACE 2022 Brisbane Talk. Photo: Anna Osetroff, courtesy of Living Edge.


[Images courtesy of Yellowtrace & Living Edge. MILANTRACE event photography credits as noted.]


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