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truth be told i was planning on being back today. i had also all kinds of inspiring projects to get in the works while i’ve been off these last two weeks. but you know what they say — ‘the best-laid plans’. but i’m going to be honest with you here, those plans have gone awry. i was alone over the holidays and the luxury i thought there would be in laziness turned a little depressive shall we say and not much of anything got done. i slept a lot (too much, probably), ate horribly and generally wallowed in our collective woes over covid not going away, people not owning up and masking up. so, with that said i rarely ever do this, but i’m taking this week off to hopefully rally and get back on track. i do promise to be back on the 11th!

i saw this tweet from Restaurant Editor  of Eater, hillary dixler canavan and it really resonated with me:

my husband said something that’s really helped me think about where everyone is at emotionally, why everyone seems mad at you or like you can’t do anything right: “Everyone needs more than anyone can give right now.”

it’s so simple but so true, isn’t it? so i hope you won’t be mad at me, or frustrated at the lack of posts! i’ll be back next week and in the meantime, sign up for my journal delivered to your inbox, there’s more coming there, too.

xo, victoria

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