brooke holm for inside out magazine. / sfgirlbybay

brooke holm for inside out magazine.

i’ve been pretty reserved thus far this week, sharing loads of neutral looks. but, it’s time to go to funky town. uniquely creative rooms that pair quirky colors and patterns — unexpected layered looks that take quite a bit of bravado to pull off. can you do it? i’d love to try and i’ve been thinking maybe i just go nuts in my guest room. i thought about painting the ceiling a bold color and hanging an unusual chandelier and then adding some seriously mismatched prints on the bed. not sure i’ll ultimately be able to pull it off, but these decorators certainly have nailed it — it’s a very gutsy dorothy draper-esque kinda look. one great way to get this look going is to start with a wallpapered wall and build layers with textiles like rugs and pillows — from there the sky’s the limit. i’m seeing a lot of mixed prints in fashion, too (like the latest collection from gucci), so as often happens in the design world perhaps it’s filtering on down to decor.

colorful bathroom cabinets via inside out magazine / sfgirlbybay

inside out magazine.

colorful decor inspiration / sfgirlbybay

pink walls with white washed floors and colorful table / sfgirlbybay

the apartment.

blue and white floral sofa with colorful pillows and blankets via lonny magazine. / sfgirlbybay

lonny magazine.

colorful kitchen wallpaper and decor via domino magazine / sfgirlbybay

domino magazine.

colorful printed textiles in white living room / sfgirlbybay

rue magazine.

colorful graphic chair via rue magazine. / sfgirlbybay

rue magazine.

urban vintage book by ida magntorn. / sfgirlbybay

urban vintage book by ida magntorn.