when in europe i always fall in love with their chic kitchen accouterment. it’s sometimes hard to find less than just essential, generic chrome appliances and kitchen tools here in the states, so i’ve been on the hunt online for a while now and keep a stash of my very favorites. i thought i’d share a few of my favorite tools for cooking, as well as for serving my guests in style. bonne cuisine!

  1. alessi pulcina stovetop coffee maker. i saw one of these in paris, but didn’t want to haul it all the way home, but thankfully found it here online.

  2. buydeem dt640 four-slice toaster. yes, cute but oh-so functional, too.

  3. kasso stovetop espresso maker. i love the Italian red, but it also comes in silver and gray.

  4. tablecraft salt cellar with lid. no better place to keep our maldon’s sea salt.

  5. rsvp international retro ice cube tray. i love mine and like to take an ice pick (a la basic instinct) to the big cubes for iced coffee, and they’re perfect for fancy cocktails, too.

  6. emile henry bread cloche. so chic and allows you to proof your bread directly in the pretty black bread cloche.

  7. hblife bamboo folding 2-tier collapsible dish drainer. i’ve always had a crush on these — what chicer way to dry your dishes?

  8. folksy super kitchen store non-slip silicone pastry mat. this thing is such a great gift and comes with all the measurements you need printed right on the mat.

  9. craft & kin premium long decorative matches in an apothecary glass jar. just looks prettier on our counters.

  10. dmofwhi gooseneck electric kettle. i love the color and the retro-cool shape.

  11. le parfait super french glass canning jar. perfect for preserving or storing pasta.

  12. candy cotton’s set of six striped kitchen tea towels. i love that french stripe, and they come in a bunch of different colors to match everyone’s kitchen.

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