With a split-surface design that feels almost alien insect-like, the PX2 Wireless Mouse flips the idea of the ergonomic blob-shaped mouse on its head and opts for individual surfaces that come together, almost like an exoskeleton. This results in a wireless mouse design that’s unapologetically different but still manages to be ergonomic and lightweight.

Designer: Inphic

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What the PX2 manages to do is give mice their ‘Cybertruck’ moment. We’re at a time where mice have begun to look so incredibly homogenous, there’s really no telling the difference between the unless you look at their logo. The PX2 mouse creates a totally new visual category that’s a combination of ergonomic, lightweight, futuristic, and steampunk-inspired. It has soft and rounded forms but doesn’t look playful or template-ish. It’s edgy-looking without being visually edgy. It still feels comfortable to the touch and is designed in a way that has multiple forms that cushion multiple parts of your hand. This gives it an undeniable insect-like quality, but in a way that still feels attractive. There’s a fine balance there, and the PX2 walks it perfectly.

The mouse comes with an aluminum alloy base, and features plastic upper panels that are coated with a metallic finish to make the PX2 look stunningly futuristic. The mouse works wirelessly via a USB receiver (running on the 2.4GHz wavelength) and features a single button on the top to toggle between DPI settings. Silent clicking keys make using the PX2 a breeze, and a MicroUSB port on the front lets you charge your PX2 while using it… something the Magic Mouse still doesn’t do.

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