Bundaberg, a coastal city in Queensland known for its local sugar industry, is preparing to welcome a new, modern health facility. The architectural responsibility for this project has been entrusted to BLP, a firm with a strong reputation in design and innovation, with design completion expected in early 2024.

This appointment, made in collaboration with Cox Architecture and as part of a joint effort with CPB Contractors, marks BLP’s notable return to Queensland projects after a 15-year interval. The Queensland Government has chosen BLP for the preliminary stage of this $1.2 billion initiative, highlighting the project’s significance in the region’s health infrastructure.

The proposed hospital design showcases a six-storey structure aiming to offer a diverse range of services, from acute care to mental health support. The facility will also include emergency and clinical support services, supported by essential infrastructure. This new development is integral to the Queensland Government’s $9.78 billion Queensland Health and Hospitals Plan (Capacity Expansion Program).

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BLP’s managing director, Tara Veldman, commented on the appointment: “It is a privilege to contribute to the delivery of the new Bundaberg Hospital, a project that will significantly enhance the Queensland region’s health infrastructure.”

BLP’s history showcases successful partnerships, especially with CIMIC Group’s CPB Contractors, as seen in the Campbelltown Hospital Redevelopment in NSW that is featured in INDESIGN’s 90th issue on ‘City Futures’.

“Our proven collaborative history with CPB Contractors is set to continue with this significant project,” says Veldman. “Our shared vision aims to establish a modern, future-proofed health facility that caters to the needs of the Bundaberg community and the wider Wide Bay-Burnett region.” 

For Bundaberg, this project signifies more than just a new hospital; it represents a transition towards becoming a major healthcare provider for the region, significantly expanding health services available to the residents of Bundaberg and increasing the wider region’s capacity to respond to pressure on its health infrastructure similarly to that experienced during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Billard Leece Partnership

Brett Boardman (Campbelltown), courtesy of BLP

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