People desire kitchens that are purposeful and beautiful—a seamless extension of the home’s architecture. Appliances are now being made to reflect this focus on aesthetics and design, with clean, sculptural lines and darker colour schemes, while also setting new functional standards.

The new, award-winning Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line collection is at the forefront of these developments, providing sophisticated silhouettes and innovative features that are perfect for those designing a high-quality, modern kitchen build.

Bosch Series | 8

Where appliance design meets architecture

With the Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line ovens at the forefront (full-size 60cm and compact 45cm options available), the new range is complemented by coffee machines, warming and vacuum drawers, as well as induction cooktops and dishwashers. The timeless stainless steel detailing of the Series | 8 sets it apart, while the accent|line collection offers a chic carbon black finish that is ideal for minimalist, monochromatic interior design styles.

An iconic design element of Bosch Series | 8 ovens, the control ring has evolved into a digital ring that is engraved in the glass on the control panel. This innovative feature is paired with a high-resolution TFT Touch Display and comes with a choice of a stainless steel-look handle in Series | 8 or a carbon black handle in the accent|line collection. This contributes to a unified design, elevating the overall ambiance of the kitchen.

Functional, easy-to-use appliances have always been the heart of every kitchen design. In response to the growing preference for healthier cooking, all models in the new oven range feature an integrated Air Fry function. In addition, the inclusion of Steam Function Plus ensures that vegetables retain their nutritional value while achieving faster cooking times.*

Home Connect compatibility enables smart, connected kitchens that meet the growing demand for technology-enabled homes. The versatile new range suits various cooking styles, catering to clients with diverse culinary preferences. Bosch’s integration of AI further enhances precision and consistency, empowering architects and designers to create innovative kitchen spaces that make cooking effortless.

*Steam Function Plus compared to 100°C steam, BSH laboratory test.    

Bosch Series | 8

Enabling sustainable living

With a rising emphasis on eco-friendly kitchen design from consumers, architects and designers are increasingly compelled to prioritise sustainable brands and products. Leading this movement is Bosch, showcasing a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility.

Bosch’s sustainability strategy centers on three essential dimensions: environmental protection, social responsibility, and long-term sustainability. These aspects underpin a thriving business that focuses on developing efficient appliances with extended lifespans, repairability, and end-of-life recyclability.

Since 2020, all Bosch home appliances have been manufactured to leave no carbon footprint (as part of scope 1 and 2). They continue to steadily reduce their carbon footprint and aim for 100% green energy use by 2030, as well as committing to making their products with at least 50% recycled material by 2030.

A time-honoured tradition in design excellence

Designers and architects convey narratives through their designs, incorporating a brand’s history to infuse projects with elements of heritage and legacy. Ever since Robert Bosch established his workshop for precision and electrical engineering in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1886, Bosch has stood for absolute reliability and precision —and this new collection continues this tradition.

The entire new oven range is made in Germany, embodying the Bosch promise of outstanding workmanship and uncompromising quality. Tangible quality and engineering precision support the functions of each appliance and serve to improve the quality of life for the user.

Bosch’s commitment to technical perfection, usability, and innovation is evident in the 200 plus design awards the company has received in the past five years. The Bosch Series | 8 and accent|line range has been recognised with a number of international design awards, including the iF Gold Design Award 2023, the Red Dot Award 2023 and the UX Design Award.

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