Conceptum International designed a welcoming space with an industrial aesthetic for the CEIMIA offices in Montreal, Canada.

CEIMIA is an international leader and catalyst for innovative, socially responsible and high-impact applied artificial intelligence projects. Its primary mission is to contribute to the development and implementation of responsible artificial intelligence projects. As an international non-profit organization, CEIMIA mobilizes expertise and resources to promote the development and responsible use of artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

To contribute to the cohesion of this young team, Conceptum was given the mandate to design a Montreal venue where CEIMIA employees could collaborate, exchange ideas and pursue their common goal. The space is intended to be an incubator for ideas and a home base for scientists working on this important social issue. Conceptum was involved from the outset of their project, from the analysis of their needs to the construction of the final product. We worked with the client to create a space that would contribute to the development of brand identity and attachment.

Our client’s key criteria were to have spaces that were welcoming, technological and bright, while respecting the budget set by the managers. As a new organization, CEIMIA had to be reasonable in their design choices, and the Conceptum team successfully met this challenge! The space provides a sense of well-being and reflects the dynamic personality of the entire team. The already established logo allowed us to personalize the space and imbue it with this new emerging culture.

Design: Conceptum International
Photography: Phil Bernard

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