in honor of the upcoming valentine’s day, i thought i’d spread the love first by offering a 20% off discount for annual subscriptions. and then i’m rounding up some romantic spaces for you and some thoughts on how to spend the day — whether you’ve got a mate, are happily single, or are still looking for the one you love. so much emphasis is placed on being paired up; for some of us, it just hasn’t happened yet. but whatever your situation, we all deserve a day filled with love. and as we know, love comes in all kinds of packages — from loving ourselves, to uniquely beautiful chocolates to romantic movies, beautiful reads, and road trips to nowhere special in particular. if on your own — walk your dog somewhere new. or how about a day at your favorite museum? or perhaps a relaxing spa day? i always love a good picnic; if you’ve got a rooftop or balcony, even better. make something you love from scratch, set a pretty table, create a signature cocktail, and share it with those you cherish — friends or lovers. no matter how you decide to spend this valentine’s day, i’ve made you a soundtrack to celebrate your special day with a good beat and a bit of dancing. happy valentine’s day! xo, v.

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