Flowers and leaves in hues of red, pink, and cream are attached to an embroidery thread with tulle.

From Olga Prinku’s Tulle Embroidery with Natural Flowers and Plants

Whether you’re the type of person who has oodles of sewing thread tucked away for a rainy day or a fiber art enthusiast wanting to learn some new techniques, our latest class bundle in partnership with Domestika is a perfect way to reignite your practice. By unlocking all seven courses included in Colossal Fiber: Get to Embroidery, you’ll have access to more than 17 hours of valuable instructional content to work at your own pace, with more than 84 additional resources.

A multitude of talented artists from the Colossal universe are eager to guide you along the way, ready to share their personal methods and studio habits. Emillie Ferris, Chloe Giordano, and Dani Ives expertly embroider hyperrealistic flora and fauna. Olga Prinku and Hillary Waters Fayle take found organic materials such as leaves and flower buds to the next level, while Amanda McCavour explores similar themes with free-motion stitching on a machine. And of course, Nneka Jones dives into thread blending, portraiture, and storytelling.

Find more details on Domestika, and make sure to take a look at our ceramics and paper syllabi while you’re at it.


Top left: an image in photoshop. Top right: the process of embroidering a side profile in hues of blue. Bottom: the artist smiles wide, holding lots of thread.

From Nneka Jones’ Realistic Embroidered Portraiture: Tell Stories with Color

An embroidered orange flower on a green leaf.

From Hillary Waters Fayle’s Extraordinary Embroidery: Explore Alternative Organic Materials

Top: an open sketchbook. Bottom: embroidered mouse with butterflies and flora.

From Chloe Giordano’s Freehand Needle Painting: Embroider the Beauty of Wildlife

Top: the artist holds a book she wrote. Bottom: a realistic fox's face in the process of being felted.

From Dani Ives’ Needle Felting: Paint Portraits with Wool

A flower bib in shades of blue, surrounded by fiber materials.

From Amanda McCavour’s Embroidery with a Sewing Machine

A monarch butterfly embroidered onto cloth within a hoop. Threads are laid out the the elft.

From Emillie Ferris’ Realistic Embroidery Techniques

Free motion stitching blue flowers onto stabilizer.

From Amanda McCavour’s Embroidery with a Sewing Machine

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