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Illustration by Katie Lukes

The Colossal community hit an exciting milestone this week: thanks to our ever-generous Members, we funded our 75th classroom through DonorsChoose.

A portion of all Colossal Membership fees are allocated to K-12 art education, and so far, we’ve collectively donated $8,090 to classrooms in need. In celebration of the occasion, we’re sharing some feedback from educators whose students have directly benefited from the support.

Thank you for your donations to this project to help our students engage in hands-on learning and use their creativity. During the pandemic, they missed these projects and the joy of working with their peers. As they are creating, they are reconnecting with their peers and developing those social skills that are crucial to their success as productive citizens. Not all students thrive academically. These projects will allow my students to express themselves in other ways. —Mrs. Lindsey, Carver Elementary School

A heartfelt thank you for funding the art therapy supplies for our school’s social work services. Your generosity will enable us to provide a creative and healing outlet for our students. Your support means the world to us and our students. —Ms. Roberts, Pilsen Community Academy

It is so amazing to be in a community that supports the arts as much as you do! Because of your generosity, year after year, we can continue to expand and experiment with new materials, which makes it exciting for me and the kids! Thank you so much for your support. —Mrs. MacBeth, Amundsen High School

You can find out more about the specific projects funded on DonorsChoose, and join us by becoming a Colossal Member.

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