UMBUREAU has achieved the office design for a confidential real estate investor located in Moscow, Russia.

Space organization
The office is located on the 74th floor of the Vostok tower of the Federation complex in Moscow City. The initial room had a trapezoidal shape with load-bearing pylons and curved inclined glazing.

Architects corrected the geometry of the room using wall panels in order to reduce the feeling of reverse perspective. As a result, it gave opportunity to organize built-in closets and hide electrical panels behind.

The architects designed the office so that in the future, if necessary, it would be possible to install glass partitions and divide the common space into three separate rooms: the living room, meeting room and the office of the top manager.

It is perfect place to conduct intensive negotiations, work in solitude, as well as the opportunity to relax. There is a built-in kitchen, and a shower in the bathroom area.

Design idea
Architects sought to create a calm and respectable atmosphere emphasizing the status of the resident without splashy details and design excesses.

The natural materials and textures are spread throughout: wood, stone, metal, plaster, heavy textiles. The lighting and floor coverings were designed taking into account the potential division of the office into three rooms.

The wooden flooring is used in the meeting room and cabinet, the ceramic granite is used in the hallway and in kitchen area. The rug puts together the elements of furniture in the cozy lounge area.

Furniture from different price segments was selected in accordance with the chosen interior concept. Part of the furniture: kitchen, shelving, wardrobe, chest of drawers, console was made according to the drawings of the authors.

Architect narrative
The interior concept we proposed was approved upon the first time.

We managed to get rid of the feeling of a reverse perspective caused by the wrong geometry of the office space with complicated visual perception. Also on such a small area, we managed to create all the necessary functional areas for a modern office, such as: a work area, a meeting area for six people, a relaxation area, a mini-kitchen and a toilet with shower.

We are glad that we managed to implement the project completely, without differences from the original concept, right down to the selection of decor.

Photography: Kristina Nikishina

Confidential Client Offices – Moscow
Confidential Client Offices – Moscow
Confidential Client Offices – Moscow
Confidential Client Offices – Moscow
Confidential Client Offices – Moscow
Confidential Client Offices – Moscow
Confidential Client Offices – Moscow

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