Mediative light installation piece from #techism creator Krista Kim title “Continuum”

Mirror or the mind. 

“When I lived in Tokyo, I was a newcomer to the city and I would discover the it on foot, navigating the Japanese signage, architecture and overall system of life. On a spring day, I wandered down side streets in my neighborhood, and I suddenly chanced upon a serene Zen garden. This Zen garden was an energetic vacuum because the world seemed to stop when I stepped inside it’s parameters. I stood still, fascinated by the beauty of negative space, peace and silence. I felt serenity. It was in that moment when I understood the principle of Zen and the meaning of art.
For centuries, Zen masters created these gardens with the intention of creating empty space in the mind of the viewer.

Art is a mirror of the mind. 

I realized that our digital environment, though it is virtual, is a parallel reality of human existence—this environment is new, chaotic and distracting. The key to connecting to our humanity is to find and protect our inner sanctum of silence and peace. Younger generations are at high risk of losing this inner sanctum from digital technology. 
I created a digital zen garden. One that communicates pure consciousness in the digital medium through the powerful harmony of color, light and sound.”

Music by Ligovskoï

@krista.kimContinuum by Krista Kim