Gensler, the world’s largest architecture, design and planning practice, has launched an immersive exhibition in Tokyo. Titled Creating a Better Tomorrow, the event is on now and will close 10th December 2023. This is a very special event and commemorates the 30th anniversary of Gensler Tokyo’s office. The exhibition also signifies the firm’s commitment to shaping the future through the power of design.

The exhibition has been curated into four zoners: WE, CREATE, BETTER World and POWER OF DESIGN. The WE zone is a space where individuals can express their thoughts and emotions on plaques to symbolise the collective effort in shaping a better tomorrow. In CREATE, the visitor engages in city building by placing miniature models that have been crafted by a 3D printer onto a map and having the opportunity to see how a city can be formed and re-formed. The BETTER WORLD and POWER OF DESIGN areas showcase Gensler’s global projects that support Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) initiatives.

Visitors can explore projects related to the environment, human rights and peace and understand how design can be a personal and impactful experience. The words of Art Gensler, the founder of the practice, are the philosophical and driving force of the practice today and serve as a focal point in the exhibition. His incredible vision turned a three-person studio into a global design practice.

Sarah Bader, managing director at Gensler Tokyo and member of the 2024 INDE.Awards jury, states: “This event not only commemorates our 30th anniversary but also serves as a testament to our commitment to creating a better world through the power of design. We invite everyone to join us in envisioning a brighter tomorrow.”

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A lounge is available for relaxation and provides an immersive experience through videos that capture the thoughts and passion of Gensler’s leaders. Gensler believes that design has the transformative power to enhance daily lives. Through this exhibition, the practice aspires to inspire fresh perspectives on design within cities and encourage contemplation of taking steps toward a brighter tomorrow for individuals and future generations.

“We are excited to welcome visitors to this unique experience that blends creativity, sustainability, and the power of design. We hope this exhibition sparks new ideas and conversations about shaping a better world for us all,” says Sarah.

The Creating a Better Tomorrow exhibition is open to the public and everyone is welcome to explore design through the Gensler lens and be inspired for the future.


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