Diving into the world of coffee is a slippery slope because it’s a never-ending void of products and processes that can improve your brew. The last time I checked, people were recommending using a frozen metal ball in the espresso pouring process to help preserve more delicate flavor profiles. The point is, coffee aficionados will stop at nothing to make sure they’re brewing the best coffee possible… and for the most part, the products they use are absolutely unnecessary (I’m looking at you, coffee needle distributors), but the second I lay my eyes on the Olympus Knock Box, I knew there was something different about it. Designed as a practical addition to your coffee brewing setup, the Olympus Knock Box is a two-part accessory that serves as a tamping station as well as a bin for your coffee after it’s been brewed. Made from molded cork, powder-coated steel, and silicone, the Olympus helps you brew your coffee efficiently (and cleanly too). The tamping station lets you quickly tamp your portafilter, while the knock box itself lets you whack out that puck of coffee after it’s been brewed and extracted. Unlike extracting your espresso over a frozen metal orb, the Olympus Knock Box is just one of those devices that makes the brewing process more convenient, cleaner, and just more effective, whether you’re a home-brewer or a barista at an artisanal cafe.

Designer: Bron Davis

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $125 (20% off). Hurry, only 7/70 left!

Knock Boxes have been around for a while, but haven’t really gained much prominence and I think it’s time we change that. Having a knock box with your coffee machine is just about as sensible as wearing an apron while cooking. Just like you wouldn’t want to get your clothes dirty while making food, you wouldn’t want to have your counter or floor a mess while you’re tamping your coffee or knocking the espresso puck out into a bin after extraction. The Olympus provides a nifty station for you to do both activities, keeping your kitchen clean while looking like an elegant little container worthy of adorning your countertop.

Olympus’ knock box design does away with the traditional knock bar, instead utilizing a central rubber silicone pad. This way you can empty out your portafilter with just one clean mess-free hit – perfect for the home coffee bar (that might be doubling as a counter).

The Olympus has a gorgeously simple-looking design that relies on a winning combination of minimalism and a brown/black color palette. The Olympus’ base is made from a molded cork composite that uses micro-granules of cork bound with a natural binding agent that’s nature-friendly, toxin-free, and has zero plastics. It has the appeal of engineered wood, which goes rather well with the black components that sit on top. Nested into this cork base is the powder-coated steel bin that holds as many as 6 espresso pucks in its receptacle.

Once filled, you can merely empty the bin into your trash or add it to your compost pile or kitchen garden. Finally, upon the steel tray sits the Olympus’ tamping station, made out of stiff-yet-flexible silicone. The station has a unique design that accepts portafilters of various sizes, ranging from 51mm to as big as 58mm. The filter snugly fits in, getting secured by a set of silicone fins that prevent it from slipping as you firmly tamp your coffee grounds. Once you’re done, the rim of the tamping station is the perfect point to knock your filter, causing the puck of coffee to fall out in the bin. The silicone is stiff enough to provide a reliable knock without any loud clacking sound.

Designed for homes and tiny hideout cafes, the Olympus has a compact form factor that occupies a mere 6.75″x5.6″ rectangle on your countertop (with a 4″ vertical). Although our hearts are overwhelmingly set on the brown and black variant, there’s another one with a brown base and a white tray and tamping station (although you’ll probably notice dirt faster on it). For coffee enthusiasts looking to own a perfect knock box, the Olympus starts at a 20% discounted price of $99 and ships globally starting Jan-Feb 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $125 (20% off). Hurry, only 7/70 left!

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