Cushman & Wakefield designed an innovative and welcoming space for the C&W Services offices in Singapore.

C&W Services Singapore reimagines the future of work with the transformation of its workplace at Chai Chee. The new workplace is a living lab that embodies the firm’s commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) and the adoption of smart technology that promotes both sustainability and well-being.

We have redesigned our space to be agile and inclusive but especially to foster community and collaboration, as a driving force for success. As a leading facilities management services provider in Singapore, we also envision our new workplace to be a showcase of our capabilities, culture and values to our clients and the broader facilities management services industry which is also going through a transformation journey.

Our commitment to embodying inclusiveness in the workplace is demonstrated through the art murals created by artists with disabilities and a 6×2-meter community artwork featuring individual masks decorated by more than 600 employees, each one reflecting each staff member’s own personal experience through the pandemic.

The new premises’ barrier-free accessibility features include ramps, automatic doors, and 60 power-assisted height-adjustable workstations. Employees have access to different settings that best fit the nature of their work, be it collaboration areas for team brainstorming sessions, quiet zones for focused work or phone booths for private calls. Diverse well-being facilities include a nursing room and a multi-person prayer room.

Over 270 motion and photocell sensors detect and adjust to movement and daylight in workspaces, whilst over 70 air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation sensors control environmental airflow, temperature, and pressure for a comfortable and energy-saving climate-controlled atmosphere. Real-time analytics facilitate efforts to ensure employee needs are met, with environmental comfort further enhanced by indoor air quality monitoring, occupancy sensors, and an energy management portal.

The workplace also utilises workplace technology applications that enable a better and more efficient management of the facility, including seamless booking of desks and meeting rooms, a face recognition programme for easier access and smart toilet systems that better regulate the deployment of cleaners for a more hygienic and comfortable restroom experience. Pantries are also stocked with zero-waste, recyclable, and other environmentally-friendly products.

Aesthetic details that pay tribute to Singapore’s heritage and culture can be found throughout the space such as Peranakan-style tiles, stools, as well as meeting rooms that are named after different MRT stations.

Design: Cushman & Wakefield
Photography: Zainal & Zainal

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