How to prepare for a photo shoot in the studio

A photo shoot is not just about paying for a photographer and renting a studio, it’s also about exciting preparation. What to start with and what not to forget? Tells the head of Luxury Beauty Salon & VIP Home service IluwMe, which offers hair and makeup photoshoot near me.

1. Getting to know the photographer
For an hour, or even more, you will be in direct contact, including emotionally. So for your comfort, get to know the photographer beforehand. At the meeting you can discuss ideas, ask for advice and help and just talk about life – with someone you know it will be much easier and more pleasant to work on the shoot and you will be able to really relax.

2. idea
Now the Internet is replete with countless ideas for photo shoots and poses. How to position your hands, how to turn to the camera, where to direct your gaze – all this knowledge is like a multiplication table: without it, of course, you can, but it is difficult.

An experienced photographer will tell you how best to stand, what pose to take, because the camera “sees” somewhat differently than we do.

3. Rehearsal .
To feel more confident in front of the camera, rehearse the poses you like in front of the mirror. Try sitting, standing, and half-turned.

Studio photo shoot Cheboksary
It is important that each pose is physically comfortable and easy for you – any discomfort and tension will be noticeable in the picture. So don’t copy anyone’s image 100%, but just take it as a basis.

4. Image
One of the foundations of a successful photo shoot. And the more precisely you think out the desired image, the better the photo shoot will be.
Answer for yourself the questions:

how many people will be in the photo?
What mood you want to convey?
will it be a portrait shoot or themed?
Will it be a story shoot or improvised?
After you answer these questions, the concept will line up by itself, and you’ll know exactly what you want as a model.

And, of course, don’t forget to discuss it with the photographer.

5. Clothing. Shoes. Accessories .
It is very important to prepare in advance all the necessary clothes and shoes and … take even more to the shooting! After all, sometimes it looks much better and more advantageous in the frame not quite familiar in everyday clothes. An experienced photographer will tell you what’s best to choose for a specific idea, location or scene.

Take care that the clothes are washed and ironed, because studio light and flash “see” all the details.

Remember that the clothes are only an accompanying tool, not the focal point of the photo shoot.

6. Makeup
Makeup artists have a special concept – “makeup for a photo shoot.” What does it mean? It is a familiar makeup, but a little more dense and bright, because the camera “eats up” some of the color. But it’s important not to overdo it, because it has to look natural.
And what I advise all the models to do for the shoot is to even out the skin tone and give expressiveness to the eyes.

Before the photo shoot refrain from traumatic procedures – peeling, waxing, injections, tanning, etc.
It’s better to do all these things in advance to avoid possible troubles.

7. The choice of a photographer
Before the photo session, be sure to look at the portfolio of the photographer. Every photographer has his own style, manner of work and style of processing photos.

So be guided not by the cost, but by the result that you want to get.

It is very unpleasant to get bad photos in unnatural processing, even if they cost very little.

8. Before you take the picture
Make sure you get plenty of sleep.
Don’t do any major physical activities the night before.
Don’t drink a lot of water at night and don’t eat heavy food to avoid edema.
Prepare everything you need in advance.
In the morning do a light physical workout.
If the photo-session is planned for more than an hour, take water and a light snack with you.

9. Set Up.
Even if you’re wearing your best makeup and a million dollar dress or suit, it will all be in vain if you’re not in the mood. Conversely, even in the simplest of clothes, but with a positive attitude, you can make real masterpieces.

This law is unbreakable.

10. Planning
Find out in advance the exact address of the studio or location.
Arrive at the studio 10-15 minutes before the shoot. Time for changing clothes, changing shoes is time too!
Turn off the sound on your phone so you don’t get distracted during the photo shoot.
The most important and useful tip is to relax and be yourself!