a textile portrait

Photograph by Lorenzo Demaria (2022), limited edition of 30

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of artistry and creativity at The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art, returning to Dallas for its 7th edition from May 9 to 12. Unlike your typical fair experience, this event promises to be a dynamic and vibrant celebration of art in all its forms.

Since its inception in 2011, The Other Art Fair has made its mark on the art scene with its independent artist-led approach, spanning over 80 editions across the globe. Now, it’s Dallas’ time to shine as it stands alongside London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Sydney in hosting this exciting event.

Discover new talent, engage in creative conversations, and step into the unexpected as you enter a realm where art meets innovation. Featuring 120 independent artists, hailing from the local North Texas region and from around the globe, this fair offers a diverse range of artistic styles, artwork sizes, and prices. This welcoming fair is for everyone, offering a dynamic atmosphere filled with immersive experiences, large-scale installations, shoppable collections of works under $500, a well-stocked fair bar, and plenty of opportunities for gift purchases ahead of Mother’s Day. Who knows, maybe you’ll get your first tattoo by Poetic Pokes’ Lis Pico? Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast, a first-time buyer, or just looking for a creative experience, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

The fair kicks off with a buzzing Thursday Opening Night providing attendees with first access to high-demand artworks, followed by a Friday Late experience for those looking for an energizing party atmosphere. And for those celebrating Mother’s Day, why not make it a memorable day filled with creativity and inspiration by exploring the fair with a special mom in your life?

Here are five artists showcasing their work at the fair: 

Lorenzo Demaria navigates traditional Italian painting alongside collage and embraces chaos in creation, drawing inspiration from external fragments. Influenced by Georges Rousse and Felix Gonzalez-Torres, he reconstructs forms and emotions with maternal language, inviting participation in new existences.


a colorful tapestry on a wall

Shiri Phillips, “Exploration” (2024), acrylic on fine art paper

Exhibited throughout the United States, abstract artist Shiri Phillips creates vibrant works with impasto strokes and layered textures, drawing inspiration from Mediterranean and Californian surroundings. Influenced by Impressionism and the geometric nature of graphic design, she hopes to offer viewers of her art a unique, emotionally charged experience.


a spiny clay sculpture on a wall

Natasha Kanevski, “The desire to be in control #12” (2024), clay and acrylic on canvas

Natasha Kanevski crafts monochrome meta-modernistic sculptures on canvas, spotlighting texture and composition. Her works, acclaimed in U.S. and European juried shows, grace galleries worldwide.


a portrait of two people on gridded wood

Melanie Norris, “You’re Doing a Great Job” (2019), watercolor, oil, pastel, and spray paint on wood

Based in rural North Carolina near Asheville, Melanie Norris delves into portraiture, infusing bold strokes in oil to explore the psyche. Her work merges abstraction with delicate watercolor ephemera, revealing multifaceted perspectives on the human face.


a portrait of a person with tight braids and green eyelienr

Marcus Wilson, “Makeyah” (2022), oil on canvas

Self-taught oil painter Marcus Wilson celebrates the beauty, diversity, and culture of the Black diaspora. He aims to inspire introspection and spiritual exploration through allegorical narratives, drawing from life, history, music, and personal spirituality.

The party is open to everyone, no matter what your vibe is.

Grab your tickets for an unforgettable weekend at theotherartfair.com.

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