Specifying responsibly sourced materials is one of the key decisions that you can make in the interior design process that can have a significant impact on the environment. In this respect, clients and professionals are placing sustainability ahead of, or on equal footing with, beauty.

Architects and designers must adopt innovative approaches and design thinking behind the spaces themselves to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. Caesarstone helps them do just that with the addition of a new Mineral Surface to its multi-surface collection—Dreamy Carrara™.

Mood Board featuring Caesarstone – Dreamy Carrara™.

Dreamy Carrara™, which is inspired by the classic pure white of Carrara marble, has a silky white, light-reflective base overlaid with a subtle, irregular tracery of fine veins that vary in intensity and colour, from warm, earthy greys to deeper, bolder taupes. This complex interplay, along with the multi-layered patina and honed finish, brings dynamic movement to the overall slab, partnering well with natural timbers, plaster walls and ceramic decorative elements.

It is every architect and designer’s dream to create a space with no compromises. Embodying the warm minimalism of modern design trends, Dreamy Carrara™ and the rest of Caesarstone’s Mineral™ Surface range helps make this dream a reality with functional surface finishes that enhance the quality and elegance of the composition.

This new Mineral Surface leverages the brand’s technological advancements to deliver superior durability and aesthetic appeal. As Caesarstone products are manufactured from natural materials, Dreamy Carrara™ enhances its understated style with organic authenticity. At the same time, each surface meets the highest quality standards for benchtops, ensuring quality and peace of mind.

Caesarstone – Dreamy Carrara™.

Prioritising sustainability, Caesarstone Mineral™ Surfaces are created using a unique blend of natural, innovative and recycled materials. This innovative formulation brings forward the best characteristics of each component, including ethically sourced and abundant natural ingredients, such as Feldspar, and recycled content, including up to 30% recycled glass.

This synergistic composition gives Caesarstone surfaces exceptional longevity, with guaranteed durability and a lifetime warranty, and other functional benefits such as low maintenance (sealing not required) and heat, scratch and stain resistance.

Other colours in the new launch include Solenna™ and Brillianza™. On the warmer side of the colour spectrum, Solenna™ features a rich, bone white base with prominent veining in raw umber, amber and putty grey. Its polished surface ensures maximum light reflection, and its patina blends well with warm white cabinets and hardware in matte black or bronze.

The luminous patina of quartzite serves as inspiration for the intricate, alluring surface known as Brillianza™. Its complex pastiche of frosty white veins and powder-peach mineral accents atop a lustrous cool grey base pairs well with aged leathers, matte metals like copper, and gloss flooring treatments.

These new Mineral Surfaces continue Caesarstone’s commitment to offering advanced solutions that are aligned with the needs of the architecture and design community as well as their own lofty sustainability goals.

Visit caesarstone.com.au for more details about Dreamy Carrara™, Solenna™ and Brillianza™ and Caesarstone’s full range of sustainable surfaces.

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