EFI Studio designed the EMA Partners offices as a welcoming and airy space in Delhi, India.

EMA Partners, an esteemed Global executive search and Leadership advisory firm has ventured on a journey of transformation of their existing office space in Delhi NCR. Located in the bustling business hub of Gurugram ,need of the space was to incorporate modernism into the fabric of the office with echoes of timelessness in its interior finishes. Spatial planning of Cabins, conference room and workstation area has weaved in the essential element of seamless and effective communication and collaboration among different levels of hierarchy to achieve the goals and initiatives for which the name EMA Partners stands for.

The materiality of spaces make use of Natural wooden finishes which speaks of the permanence incorporated with the brand identity of the organisation which makes use of the bold yet tranquil shades of blue keeping the soul of the firm intact within the new framework of modernism. The balance between contemporary and classic design elements reflects the organisation’s commitment to both tradition and innovation.

The planning takes you from a compact waiting area to an open workstation zone from where the city’s skyline is broadly visible. This not only adds an aesthetic element but also contributes to positive work environment by allowing natural light and views, which can boost productivity and well being in a longer run. This open working zones connects you to different cabins having the natural wooden material with patterned acoustic treatment, recommended for the applications that demand complete cut off from the collaboration zones for conference calls in private meetings. This balance between open collaboration zones and private meeting areas is crucial for a fruitful working environment.

Lighting plays a significant role in creating a welcoming and inspirational atmosphere in office spaces. A continuous linear feature light was added to the ceiling connecting the common spaces depicting the values of commitment and honesty that transcends beyond the common notion of business to give their clients the best service in their respective fields. Overall, the transformation of EMA Partners’ office space successfully combines aesthetics, functionality and representation of the organisation’s brand and values. The design provides employees with a conducive work environment and creates a positive impression for clients and visitors alike.

Design: EFI Studio
Design Team: Megha Meelu, Aman Dhiman, Tuhina Sarkar
Photography: Yamini Krishna Photography

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