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TL;DR: Through May 12, you can sign up for lifetime access to Curiosity Stream documentaries for £144.03.

Instead of spending the new year scrolling through the same old collection of documentaries on Netflix and Hulu, it might be time to try a platform that actually specialises in educational content. Curiosity Stream is home to a huge selection of high-quality documentaries and docu-series on a wide variety of topics, from nature and space exploration to the royal family. Now, a lifetime subscription to Curiosity Stream is only £144.03 through May 12.

Watch documentaries for life

If you love documentaries, you don’t have to settle for the precious few modern ones on Netflix, the telly, or other streaming services. So, if you want to watch more documentaries, then it might be time to check out Curiosity Stream.

Fascinated by true crime? Craving a deep dive into the deep ocean? Or do you want to take a look at some of the most interesting stories from history? Curiosity Stream has an enormous catalog of educational content, and it’s even won an Emmy for its documentary featuring Stephen Hawking.

Plus, the user interface is easy to navigate with tools to filter content by topic or collection, or you can even search for your favorite narrator. They have some well-known names like Sir David Attenborough and celebrity narrators like Morgan Freeman. 

New content is being added all the time, so a lifetime subscription doesn’t mean a lifetime of watching the same old stuff. It means you’ll always have access to a growing library of fascinating shows and movies on multiple devices on or offline

Save on a lifetime subscription

Don’t miss your chance to get lifetime access to incredible educational content you or your family can enjoy. 

May 12 at 11:59 p.m. PT is the deadline to get a lifetime subscription to Curiosity Stream for £144.03.

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