In cities across the Indo-Pacific, warmer climates have us spending more time outdoors than our northern neighbours. Even in the depths of winter, you can find us looking for some Vitamin D, stealing moments on our balconies, terraces, and gardens, as the sun tracks its way across the horizon. 

When it comes to getting the most from our outdoor spaces, we look towards furniture that is specially engineered for the elements, combining beauty and practicality to help elevate our exterior design and shape the way we interact with the world around us. 

Enter Kettal: a leading name in international design with a suite of furniture pieces that are elegant and innovative solutions to modern ways of living. Available through XTRA – Singapore’s premier destination for global design – Kettal’s outdoor range is meticulously crafted to create beautiful and enduring exterior spaces.

To help you unlock a new level of alfresco living, we’ve put together our five favourite Kettal pieces. Spanning tables and seating, this collection (and the wider Kettal offering) will have you reimagining any outdoor space into a garden utopia, one piece at a time.

Giro Dining Table

Five furniture pieces for elegant alfresco living

The Giro Dining Table captures the beauty of an interior table and infuses it with design that makes it able to withstand the elements. Sculptural and tactile, two spherical masses form the statement wooden legs, while a tabletop crafted from either travertine or ceramic creates an elegant material juxtaposition. Different sizing options make this perfect for all spaces, from smaller decks and gardens to the larger footprint of office rooftops or penthouse balconies. 

Giro 3-seater sofa

Five furniture pieces for elegant alfresco living

The perfect accompaniment for the Giro Dining Table, the 3-seater sofa, also designed by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, is a low-profile lounge that epitomises elegant outdoor living. Like the table, this piece is a celebration of materiality, combining a base of either warm teak or sleek aluminium with a tactile woven backrest, evoking nautical design typologies for an elevated outdoor experience. 

Roll Club Armchair

Five furniture pieces for elegant alfresco living

The Roll Club armchair is a playful iteration on outdoor seating that brings fun and colour into any outdoor space. A generously proportioned aluminium frame is topped with a curved seat cushion and a backdrest made from two independent ‘wraps’ connected by colourful straps. Colours can be mixed and matched to suit any aesthetic, with the options spanning earth-inspired tones; from dusty reds, verdant greens, rich blues, and dusty pinks. 

Tou Club Armchair

Five furniture pieces for elegant alfresco living

Tou is Kettal’s modest tribute to the ancient handicraft of rattan and reed wickerwork, an essential element in the development of both Western and Eastern cultures. Designed by the iconic Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, the armchair combines an enveloping wicker silhouette with a padded inlay for comfort. Available in both indoor and outdoor options, the Tou Club Armchair is strong and light, making it the perfect piece for versatile design. 

Cala 2-Seater Sofa

Five furniture pieces for elegant alfresco living

‘Cala’ is a high backed sofa designed by the globally renowned Doshi Levian. Inspired by the iconic Emmanuelle chair, Cala features a rope frame that plays on perceptions of gravity and engineering. The open weave of the rope provides a latticed window for visual privacy while maintaining a connection to the natural elements. 

Make the most of the outdoors with alfresco spaces designed for living. Head to XTRA’s Singapore showroom and browse the full range of Kettal’s outdoor collection along with other premium brands from across the globe.

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