In its new spot for the mochi ice cream brand, Lucky Generals imagines what it might be like to have everything we love become squidgy and delicious, good enough to eat. The dose of dark humour is the latest to bring our attention to the viral treat.

Lucky Generals is behind a new television ad for Little Moons, the brainchild of siblings Howard and Vivien Wong, who launched their now-famous mochi dough covered, gelato ice cream balls in 2010. The product took off after it went viral on TikTok and other social media, and today it is Europe’s leading mochi brand with one of their treats enjoyed every second.

The theme behind the spot asks the question, haven’t we all looked at the things we love most and wished they were squidgy and filled with delicious gelato ice cream? Erm, no. But it certainly gets a laugh in the quirky, colourful and other-worldly ad that reveals we can get what we want and take just a nibble.

The story begins with a woman sitting on a sofa beside her partner, eating a Little Moons and longing for other things to be more like her delicious delicacy. As the voiceover says, “If only everything you loved was squidgy and filled with delicious gelato ice cream”, she lets her imagination run wild.

Directed by Arthur Studholme at Magna Studios, the spot builds on the brand platform ‘Ice cream from another world’ and features the brand world that has helped elevate Little Moon above its competitors.

The campaign follows the success of its launch work in 2021 and hopes to skyrocket Little Moons to become the “sweet treat of the summer” as it introduces us to the “delicious depths of Little Moons and drives trial amongst its core audience of young, affluent women”, so Lucky Generals explains.

“Over the last three years, Little Moons has had a stellar rise and become one of the biggest ice cream brands in the country, but most Britons still aren’t familiar with us,” says Ross Farquhar, marketing director at Little Moons. “This new campaign by Lucky Generals aims to put that right, introducing our delicious gelato wrapped in squidgy mochi dough in the most wonderful way.”

The national TV ad will be supported with Little Moons setting sail in its fabulous and funky ‘Little House Boat’. Mooring up in three UK cities it debuted in London last Friday, and will make its way to Manchester’s Media City and Birmingham’s Brindley Place later this month. Across nine days, Little Moons will hand out 75,000 samples of their delicious mochi balls, offering up flavours including Iced Latte, Chocolate Hazelnut and Tropical from the boat’s hatch.

Tom Prendergast and Joe Stamp, creative directors at Lucky Generals, add: “Making an ad about the layers in a product could easily become a little predictable. But when you’ve got an almost indescribably delicious product and a playful brand world to build from, it was a no-brainer for us to lean in and take a big bite.”