i’m a big fan of foraged florals. i actually keep gardening snips in my car, just in case i see a branch or wildflowers growing by the side of the road that need taking home —and the more unusual, the better. there used to be a woman at the san francisco flower market that literally foraged her glorious branches from freeway offramps. there are quite a few books and magazines on the subject of foraged florals — a new book by louesa roebuck called punk ikebana nudged me to round up some floral inspiration for you, and her first book foraged floral celebrates the art of foraging, too.

from celebratory headdresses to wild-looking ikebana arrangements; there’s so much you can do with the abundance of nature at our fingertips — even fruits and vegetables. more inspiration can be found from blumenhaus, a favorite magazine of mine; from lisbon-based floral designer chelsea fuss, who i’ve followed forever (she teaches great workshops abroad!) and joel meyerowitz’s book, wild flowers. and bloomist has some really well-designed, beautiful gardening tools for foraging, too. let’s take a walk on the wild side, shall we?

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