Small enough to fit into a duffle when packed, but large enough to seat up to 10 people when opened out, the Gather table from AroundFire might just be the big upgrade to the age-old campfire. It puts the fire front and center, with tabletop space for multiple people to sit around as they grill their food. The setup is lightweight, fireproof, height-adjustable, and accommodates everything from coals to pellets, firewood, or even a portable stove.

Designer: Siew, Yilia

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $299 ($150 off). Hurry, only 32/100 left! Raised over $95,000.

Designed to make outdoor barbecues a much more personalized and interactive experience, the Gather is a foldable table small enough to fit in the back of your car when flat-packed. Opening it up takes all of 30 seconds, but once you do, your barbecues will never be the same. Quite like its name suggests, the Gather gets everyone huddled around in a circle with the fire at the center. Each person has their own table-space and can grill their food right where they’re seated like a mini outdoor Benihana. The table features an adaptable center that accommodates a variety of fuel sources, letting you effectively (and safely) set up your outdoor barbecue with no hassle, and no smoke, thanks to the table’s relatively uninterrupted airflow system.

The Gather table sports an all-metal design, which allows it to be robust, lightweight, and completely fire-resistant. The outer table itself is made from double-layer powder-coated steel mesh that’s heat-resistant and fast-cooling, while also being fairly light. The inside, on the other hand, features a setup with modular accessories that you can add based on the kind of fire you want to light. At the heart of it is AroundFire’s mesh pit, which accepts wood, coal, or pellets. The ultra-light mesh comes with a rectangular profile that ensures your fuel is scattered evenly and doesn’t clump to the center due to sagging. Its tight weave also prevents loose sparks from falling down, while ensuring proper airflow so that your wood/coal burns cleanly, completely, and without smoke.

Once you’re ready to grill away, the Gather comes with two grill tops – a standard stainless steel grill that everyone knows and is familiar with, and the woven grill mesh seen on Korean or Japanese grills. The grills fit perfectly into the window left at the center of the table, and are accessible to anyone no matter where they’re seated. If the fire burns too hot, the grills can be elevated a few inches thanks to a kickstand that helps ensure your food gets cooked without charring, and if it’s exceptionally windy, a foldable windscreen lets you guard your fire against gusts of breeze. The foldable windscreen’s individual panels can be used to ‘plug’ the table’s fire-hole, making it a conventional flat table on which you can put food or even place a portable stove.

The Gather table comes in two sizes, accommodating up to 6 or 10 people respectively. Both the Gather Lite and the Gather Grand, as they’re called, are designed explicitly for travel and for providing a zero-compromise grilling experience. They weigh 16 lbs (7.4 kgs) and 20 lbs (9.1 kgs) respectively, and stand at 15 inches (38cm) tall, extendable up to 21.6 inches (55cm) with the leg-risers. Each Gather table is accompanied by the fire mesh that holds the wood/coal, along with a grill plate that goes on top, and a travel bag that helps you carry your table along with you anywhere you go. You can add extra modules to your table by purchasing them separately, like the KBBQ grill mesh, the windscreen that doubles as a tabletop, a camping stove, or even a pair of barbecue tongs.

The Gather Lite starts at a 50% discount of $149, while the Grand has an early bird price of $179. Each table ships globally, and comes with a 2-year rust-free warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $299 ($150 off). Hurry, only 32/100 left! Raised over $95,000.

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