Well, I’m officially back in the “broken bone” club (yet again). Who would have thought a simple misstep could land me flat on my back, my leg encased in a giant, ugly boot of shame? I’ve fractured two bones in my right foot (the same foot with a broken ankle in 2005—thus the pins you see in my x-ray) simply by stepping down awkwardly onto the one, single-ass stair into my bedroom. Apparently, I have not yet learned the art of walking properly.

As I lie here, gazing forlornly at the ceiling with my trusty sidekick Frances at my side, I’m finding I have plenty of time to make some, shall we say, unique observations about design. For starters, did you know that the plain white ceiling actually becomes the most fascinating landscape when that’s all you have to stare at for hours on end? I’m almost convinced I can see the 100-year history of the ghosts who once inhabited my 1929 Spanish Revival home in these old ceilings. And let’s talk about the sheer number of dust bunnies that can accumulate in the corners of my home while I’m strictly forbidden to vacuum or sweep—it’s enough to make Martha Stewart weep. And the bedding, oh the bedding. I’m quite certain my plain white sheets have formed twisted origami folds around my immobilized leg. I’m half-convinced they’re plotting an uprising against the fluffy stack of pillows my right leg perches upon—elevated and iced as instructed.

This forced period of rest in an ivory tower of my own making (not looking nearly as glamorous as Gwyneth) has certainly given me a new appreciation for walking. I was supposed to go to the very beautiful Rancho La Puerto wellness spa for a week of yoga, hiking (how ironic) and a bevy of spa treatments for my big 65th birthday; alas, that has been postponed indefinitely. And I better be fine for my trip to Italy in late August, or heads will roll! I think all should be healed by then—however, if you don’t mind, please do your best to visualize said healing, everyone. So, as I lay here, lazing involuntarily, I give you a few bits and bobs and random design inspiration this week.

Shop Small: A Creative Couple.

First up, I am so very impressed by some friends and former advertising colleagues of mine, Kristen Peña and Luis Peña. Luis has taken on custom furniture design as Peña Made, making stunning pieces like this Nonna Cabinet in collaboration with his wife, Kristen Peña, a talented interior designer with her own firm, K Interiors, in San Francisco. She’s also participating in this year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase House, creating this gorgeous kitchen for the project. It’s on through May 27—so go if you’re in the area. This creative duo is killing it! Have a look at both Luis’s and Kristen’s Instagram accounts for more unique design beauty—including this most inspiring mood board (or, as Luis calls it, his ‘to-do list).

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