Here’s a free Kindle eBook version of a personal finance and investing book that was published just last month: From Zero to Millionaire: A simple, effective and stress-free way to invest in the stock market by Nicolas Bérubé. (That is an Amazon affiliate link, so you’ll have to visit the actual website to see it.)

“Investing is a simple activity, which an entire industry strives to make complicated to justify its existence.” – Nicolas Bérubé.

The book appears to be targeted at the Canadian market primarily, or at least the author is a Canadian journalist. Either way, the underlying message appears solid but I guess it needs a little bit of marketing oomph in the United States. I haven’t finished it, but the blurb looked interesting as it promised some interesting anecdotes at the minimum. Download it now for free, read it later.

He also uses little-known examples, such as the forgotten theft of the Mona Lisa, Isaac Newton’s stock market disaster, and the mistake made by one of the world’s greatest investors, to make learning about investing a compelling journey through history, psychology, and finance.

Finally, using the latest research, he identifies proven and accessible ways to invest, and offers concrete advice on how to get started or take control of your investments today.

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Free Kindle eBook: From Zero to Millionaire from My Money Blog.

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