i didn’t intentionally set out to focus this week’s friday finds on the talented male artisans in our midst, but lo and behold, i’ve done just that. from french photographers, to english designers, and a couple of american renaissance men, we’ve got some inspiring gentleman to get to know today. a few other gems, too — like a hotel i just gotta check into! happy weekend one and all. x, v.

i’m a huge fan of french photographer francçis halard, well-known for his fabulous interior and architectural photographs, and i have many of his beautiful coffee table books on display. so it’s not a surprise i also love following his instagram account for inspiring and very personal peeks into his incredibly well-styled home in france. j’adore this floral vignette and the haphazard feeling that it’s just one of many spots in his home displaying treasured collections and mementos. très chic.

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