i am so very late today with my friday finds. apologies, but my brain was just not functioning creatively yesterday, and round and round i went, trying to pull together something to inspire but drawing a big old blank. but it’s a fresh friday morning, i’ve walked on the beach with frances, and finally my headaches are getting better with the help of some antibiotics — whew. so, onward! okay, have you watched season five of fargo? it’s darkly hilarious, which is right up my alley, and jennifer jason leigh, jon hamm, and juno temple shine. the rainy weekend ahead seems like a good time to make a moody collage from my many stacks of magazines. random, but have you tried loveseen lashes from jenna lyon? i’m very tempted to get glammed up. and lastly, speaking of dark humor, i’m hoping to see poor things this weekend — have you been? do tell. on to this week’s finds. x, v.

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