Swiss Bureau Interior Design & Build completed the Galdari Brothers offices with sophisticated finishes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

For over six decades, the Galadari Brothers have been intrinsically linked to the UAE’s remarkable accomplishments on the global stage. As one of the nation’s most eminent and respected conglomerates, they uphold a cherished family legacy of relentless perseverance and outstanding success. Their vision was to craft a workspace that harmoniously merges the story of its rich and diverse heritage with the practicality and elegance of a modern office environment.

Its opulent interiors eloquently narrate the company’s illustrious history, showcasing a timeless and exquisite design that epitomizes a refined and subtle minimalist concept. A homage to the UAE’s distinctive and elegant architectural style and a celebration of the company’s humble and noble origins, the design revolves around a core interior courtyard. This striking feature creates a sense of openness and connection, allowing the natural flow of air and light throughout the space, shaping both its efficient circulation and enduring layout.

The material palette is a skillful and sophisticated mix of stone finishes, wood, and polished marble, all tastefully highlighted with matching hues that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The outcome is a space that radiates luxury and sophistication while remaining resilient and adaptable against the passage of time.

Design: Swiss Bureau Interior Design & Build
Photography: Sergei Nekrasov

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