If you have a garage, it can often become a dumping ground for your stuff. I know, I’ve been there before! It can quickly become a space to store unwanted items and put off getting rid of them. Whether you want to organize to make it easier to find your stuff, create a space to work from, or even start making money from your garage by renting it out, we have you covered! 

With a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can turn your messy garage into an organized haven that’s easy to use and makes sense for everyone who uses it!

1. Decide what you want to use the garage space for

You have decided to organize the garage, and the first thing you should do is think about exactly what you would like to use the space for.

There are many different options for garage space, and we have noted a few to help you make the decision:

  • Rent your garage space to others and make money – Renting out your garage can be a great way to make some extra money and give someone who needs it an affordable place to store things or even park their car. If you have an empty space in your garage, consider renting it out using online platforms like Spacer, which allow people with garage space to list and rent it out for free.
  • Use your garage as a workspace – One of the best ways to use your garage space is to create a workspace. If you have an old table, repurpose it into a workspace for your hobbies and interests. You can also create a dedicated space for this purpose by building out a corner of your garage with storage cabinets, pegboard hooks, magnetic strips for tools and other items, and electrical outlets near work surfaces, so you don’t have long extension cords running across the floor.
  • Create a home gym – Having a dedicated space for workouts can help you stick to your routine, especially if you are prone to skipping days here and there. Consider using your garage as an at-home workout space if you have the time and resources. For example, you can use it as a yoga studio or dance floor where no one but yourself will be in the way of your moves. Alternately, if having all that extra space makes working out impossible without feeling self-conscious (or worse: guilty), consider setting aside just one corner of your garage as a gym—this way, when others come over, they won’t see how much equipment is lying around.
  • Make a workshop – Your garage is a great place to store all your tools and materials for projects, which makes it the perfect location for a workshop. If you have any hobbies that require tools and materials, like woodworking or painting, consider making them part of your garage space. 
  • Storage – If you have the space and are willing to invest, garage units are a great option. They can store all kinds of items, from sports equipment to gardening tools. If you’re not willing or able to buy a new unit but still want more storage space in your garage, consider using shelving instead. You could also add extra shelving above existing cabinets if there’s room.

Garages are great for more than just parking cars. They can also store your tools and other belongings, create a workshop or even serve as a living space. There are many reasons why you should renovate a garage into something useful!

2. Get rid of everything you don’t need in your garage

Before you can organize your garage, you need to get rid of everything that’s not necessary. This means eliminating any items that are broken or damaged and getting rid of anything you haven’t used in the last year or so. Take a good look at everything stored in your garage and consider whether the item is worth keeping around. For example: if an item costs more to repair than purchasing a new one would cost, then it may be time for that old thing to go.

If you have items you don’t use or need, donate them! It’s a win-win situation: you clear out space while helping out a good cause. And if you are concerned about getting rid of something valuable – like an old bike or lawnmower – then post pictures on Craigslist and let people come look before buying the item from you.

3. Sort your remaining garage items into groups

Once you’ve sorted your items into groups, it’s time to decide what you should do with each group.

  • Sort by type of item – Group tools together, sporting goods together, and so on.
  • Sort by frequency of use – For example, if you use your lawnmower more often than anything else in the garage (and we know that will be true for some people), then put it in an easily accessible location where it won’t get lost among all the other things cluttering up the space. If you don’t use something very often—like extension cords or jumper cables—put them somewhere out of sight, so they don’t distract from those things that are used more frequently (like toolboxes).

4. Store rarely-used items out of the way

Ideally, you’ll want to store these items in an area that’s easy to access and retrieve when needed. You could use a rolling rack or shelving unit, for example, to neatly keep things where your family can see them but out of the way when not in use.

5. Organize your tools with a pegboard

You can use a pegboard to organize your tools. The best way to do this is by hanging the tools from hooks on the pegboard. You’ll want to ensure that you hang your tools in an organized fashion so that they are easy for you to find when you need them. For example, put the items you use most frequently on top and those less often used items lower down. If there’s room, consider putting all unused items on one of the lower shelves — this way, they’re still handy if needed but out of sight if not in use!

6. Invest in shelving and bins

Shelving is one of the best ways to organize your garage. If you have enough space, it’s worth investing in some sturdy shelves that can be mounted on the walls or ceiling. You can also build these yourself for a DIY project that will last for years.

If you want to avoid going through all that trouble, home improvement stores and online retailers like Amazon have plenty of options.

Bins are another great way to keep items organized in your garage. They come in various sizes and shapes and make it easy to create categories based on size or use—for example, bins labeled “tools” or “vehicle parts.” Bins can also be color coded so that you know exactly where an item is located without having to read labels.

7. Build a tool rack from metal shelving and wire baskets

For those who aren’t so handy with tools, this may be a good idea to delegate. However, I know that some of you out there are more than capable of building your own storage rack. If this is the case, read on! This is how we did it:

  • Use a drill to make holes in the metal shelving. Make sure that each hole lines up with one of your tool handles (so that when you hang your tool up, it will be suspended from its handle). You may need to widen each hole slightly by hand if there’s any resistance when putting in the screws.
  • Bend wire basket handles around the exposed ends of the screws so that they hold lightly into place.
  • Cut off any excess length from each handle end.

Now all you have left to do is hang up your tools and organize them however way works best for you!

8. Reuse wooden pallets to create shelves for frequently used items

Wooden pallets can be repurposed to create cheap shelving in your garage. We have noted some simple instructions, but check out this video here for a tutorial.

  • Choose your pallets – When looking for wooden pallets to use as shelves, be sure to choose clean and dry ones. If you can’t find any suitable ones, purchasing new ones from a home improvement store or other retailers that sell building materials may be necessary.
  • Remove nails with a hammer if needed – If the pallets have nails, they need to be removed before they can be used as shelving units in your garage space or basement storage area so that they don’t damage items stored on top of them over time. Use a nail puller tool if necessary, then sand edges smooth with fine-grain sandpaper if needed before cutting them down.
  • Cut wood boards down to size using a saw – Cuts boards to size using a saw and sand to ensure there are no rough edges.
  • Attach the boards with nails – Use nails to secure your panels together.

9. Create an area in your garage to hold all car-related items

Create an area in your garage to hold all car-related items. This includes tools, parts and fluids. Make sure to keep the car itself clean and organized as well. You don’t want your vehicle covered with dust or oil stains! Remember to keep your garage clean as well. If you have a big mess going on in there, it might be worth hiring someone to help organize it all for you!

10. Use the wall space wisely

  • Pegboards are a great way to store small items. You can buy pegboards in different sizes or make your own by hanging a piece of wood with the correct shape on your wall.
  • Hooks are another great way to store lightweight tools and other objects that don’t take up much room, like ropes and ladders. They’re also suitable for hanging tools you frequently use (like hammers).
  • Shelves are ideal for organizing bulky items like sports equipment or gardening supplies. Consider getting one big shelf instead of several smaller ones; this will make it easier to see what’s stored on each shelf and figure out where everything goes when it needs replacing or cleaning off dust from sitting unused for too long!

A combination of these three options is often best: hang hooks near where you put things, so they’re easy to reach (for example, in front of each toolbox), then place heavy things like shovels on shelves far away! This will ensure easy access without wasting space by placing them closer together than necessary–and best yet: it looks nice too!

With these ideas, you can make clean, efficient use of your garage space

  • Create a space where you can work on your car and store all the parts you need to do so
  • Organize tools and other items in storage bins or on shelves
  • Store items that are not in use out of sight, such as winter equipment during summer months or outdoor furniture during colder seasons

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to find clutter in your garage. But once you get rid of the unnecessary items, it will be easier to find what you need. Then, storage systems like pegboards and shelves can help organize the remaining items into groups according to their purpose (like tools or sports equipment). Finally, there are many creative ways to use walls and hanging hooks to keep everything organized without wasting too much space. 

We hope you found this list of garage organization ideas helpful. Even if you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you can do plenty of things to make your space more organized and functional. If none of these ideas appeals to you, then take some time to think about what will work best for your household needs. Happy organizing!


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