A woman stands in front of a large screen that displays the new Gemini app and reads

Google’s self-proclaimed “most intelligent AI experience” yet is redefining how humans interact with AI via a new app. The latest Gemini offering was announced at Google I/O on Tuesday.

“Our vision for the Gemini app is to be the most helpful, personal AI assistant by giving you direct access to Google’s latest AI models,” said Sissie Hsao, general manager for Gemini experiences and Google Assistant. The multimodal app —which integrates text, video, and newly-announced voice technology for more “natural” prompting — uses brand new Gemini technology and builds off of the new Gemini 1.5 Pro and Gemini 1.5 Flash, also announced today.

The app’s adaptable voice feature, coined Gemini Live, debuts this summer, allowing users to have real time conversations with Google’s AI helper. It will also incorporate the company’s Project Astra video capabilities, touted as the next big visual assistant that can process video-based queries in real time.

In addition, Google will roll out new advanced features on the app through its Dynamic UI, like a trip planning assistant that incorporates Google’s search, maps, calendars, and other features for personalized travel advice. Gemini Advanced users will have access to new massive storage and processing capabilities (think 30,000 lines of code, a 1,500 page thesis, or an hour long video), too.

But the company’s biggest reality pitch for the app is its timesaving “Gems,” or customizable prompts that users can save and pilot over and over again for very specific uses. Examples include a “Yoga Bestie” Gem, a “Calculus Tutor” Gem, and a “Sous Chef” Gem.

A person stands in front of a large screen that reads "gems".

Credit: Google

The revolutionized mobile experience was previewed shortly after the company announced new workspace integrations with the company’s AI teammates — another bid for Google’s complete AI takeover. “As gemini and its capabilities continue to evolve,” said general manager of Google Workspace Aparna Pappu,”We are diligently bringing that power into workspace to make all our users more productive and creative, both at home and at work.”