Skylight Calendar and chore chart

SAVE $70: As of May 11, the Skylight Calendar, a 15-inch digital calendar and chore chart, is on sale for $249.99 at Amazon, down from $319.99. That’s a 22% discount. Prime members can order it and score delivery in time for Mother’s Day 2024.

Skylight calendar and chore chart

Credit: Skylight

Skylight calendar and chore chart

at Amazon

Save $70.00

Still need a last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Look no further. If the schedules of multiple family members are wreaking havoc on your household, the Skylight Calendar could be a calming solution. Each person’s calendar syncs (and gets assigned its own color) to one convenient place where everyone can physically see it, like standing on the kitchen counter or hanging by the front door. And it’s on sale and will still arrive in time for Sunday’s celebrations.

The Skylight Calendar, a 15-inch digital calendar and chore chart, is on sale for $249.99 at Amazon, down from $319.99 — a 22% discount. Amazon Prime members can order by 11 a.m. ET to get same-day delivery, or by the end of the day to get delivery by May 12.

This standalone calendar with an HD smart display makes it easy to see what everyone’s doing and where they’re supposed to be at any given time. The calendar is compatible with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Cozi, and Yahoo, so you can easily sync whichever system your family is already using. It’s also a touchscreen, so you can easily make changes and additions when you need to, and the free app means you can view everything and make changes on the go.

The Skylight Calendar also acts as a helpful chore chart, so each family member can check off daily chores as they get done and get rewards along the way. (Why not gamify chores to make them a bit more fun?) And if the question, “What’s for dinner?” grates on the main chef in the house, you can integrate a meal plan so a quick look at the calendar can answer that question.

A five-minute family standup in front of the Skylight Calendar each morning could make each day flow with ease and make forgotten lunches and baseball gloves a thing of the past. If you weren’t quite on top of it to grab a sentimental Mother’s Day gift this year, at least you can dedicate yourself to helping your family get organized and take some of the workload off mom this year.