Because of the pandemic, working conditions for most companies have changed. If before we were “forced” to have 5-day 8-hour work weeks, people and companies realized that there are some jobs that can actually be done remotely or you can have a hybrid kind of arrangement. This means also that work furniture will eventually evolve because of these options. The OE1 line which was initially launched in 2021 now has some new additions that have adapted to this new working lifestyle.

Designer: Herman Miller and Industrial Facility

One of the new pieces of furniture added to the OE1 line is a working table that you can use whether you’re sitting or standing. The height can be adjusted with a pedal so you don’t go through the hassle of manually adjusting it if you decide to switch environments while working. The sit-stand table is actually also pretty light so you can move it around your working space. This is one thing common with the new additions. They’re portable, aesthetically pleasing, but also doesn’t demand attention as it is simple and minimalist in design.

Another addition is the Powerbox which lets you charge multiple devices. Basically it’s a portable trolley that can house four batteries that can hold around 1,000 watt-hours and is made from post-consumer plastic. The collection also has a freestanding curtain which can be used as a divider in case you need a physical division between your work space and your living space. There’s a more sturdy version called the curved screen. If you need something more portable, there’s the laptop hoodie which you can bring around with you so you get privacy when working in a public area.

The OE1 line now also has a work box where you can put your office supplies like pens and even keyboards and bring them around with you to wherever you are working. There is also a bigger version of the easel which was previously released. All of these will be useful for people who are working with a hybrid lifestyle now.

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