It’s that time of the year again. Your special someone’s birthday approaches, and you’re stumped. You’re running out of ideas for a gift that you think will make your lady squeal with delight.

Get her flowers! Most ladies appreciate a beautiful bloom. Throughout history to this day, women adore bouquets as they represent romance.

While many men think it’s a waste of money because plants wither, the recipient’s feelings last a very long time. The Association for Psychological Science says that givers tend to choose items that’ll elicit an instant reaction of delight and surprise from the receiver.

A perfect bouquet will both take her breath away and create a long-lasting memory. 

However, don’t rush out to a florist and grab something off the shelf. Most quality stores offer farm-fresh flowers and other live plants, so you’ll have a broad range of choices. 

Of course, your first impulse should be to select her favorite blooms. That’ll work almost every time because it means a lot to her that you care enough to remember what she likes.

However, if you’ve done that in previous years, this might be a great time to get her something different.

Every bloom has a unique meaning, so you’re saying more than “happy birthday” when you hand her a bunch of blossoms. You’re expressing your thoughts and feelings through your gift.

Here’s a quick guide to help you mix and match flowers to come up with a birthday bouquet that perfectly conveys your message.

Popular Flowers for Birthdays

One option would be to select from these customary blooms for the occasion:

  • Roses are ideal if you and your beloved are hopeless romantics. 
  • Sunflowers will light up and brighten any occasion. 
  • Orchids are excellent for avid plant lovers.
  • Lilies symbolize rebirth, so they’re perfect for birthdays.

Birth Month Blooms

You can also choose blossoms that represent the receiver’s birth month. Here they are with their respective meanings.

January – Carnations, Snowdrops

Carnations come in a variety of colors. Every hue conveys a different message. 

White blooms represent pure love. Use pink ones to let the receiver know they’re unforgettable.

You can use these blossoms to make an arrangement or combine them to create a lovely bouquet.

The other flowers for this month are snowdrops, which symbolize hope and beauty.

February – Violets, Irises

These two flowers are symbols of loyalty and faithfulness. If you want to convey passion, send yellow iris blossoms or white ones to mean purity.

You can mix various colors if you’re in a loving relationship because they also symbolize promise.

March – Daffodils, Jonquils

Daffodils, which often bloom in early spring, represent new birth, beginnings, joy, and happiness. 

Jonquils, on the other hand, means unequal love.

April – Sweet Peas, Daisies

With their white petals surrounding a yellow, golden centerpiece, Daisies convey love, purity, beauty, and innocence.

You can also choose the sweet pea for April birthdays as they are a symbol of blissful pleasure. However, be aware that the blooms are also a way to say goodbye, and you don’t want to send the wrong message to your loved one.

How to Find Perfect, Simple and Elegant Birthday Bouquets

May – Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn

If you’re looking for a nice-smelling bouquet, opt for the Lily of the Valley, with its small white low-hanging flowers that look like bells. These blooms represent sweetness, humility, purity, and happiness.

The hawthorn, in particular, promises extreme joy and hope for the receiver.

June – Rose, Honeysuckle

Similar to the carnation, roses come in different colors, each with its unique meaning. The red blooms signify love, pink ones mean happiness, and white says you’re worthy. 

Avoid yellow blossoms as they refer to jealousy and infidelity.

The other flower for those born in June is honeysuckle, which symbolizes everlasting love bonds.

July – Larkspur, Water Lily

Larkspurs are also colorful blooms that make beautiful arrangements. Purple blossoms are perfect for your first love. Add white ones to your bouquet because they symbolize a happy spirit.

Waterlilies are excellent for your loved one as they mean a pure and open heart.

August – Gladiolus, Poppy

The gladiolus, which comes in pink, orange, and white blossoms, represents integrity and strength and asks the receiver to remember you. These magnificent flowers also have sword-shaped leaves that indicate love-pierced hearts. 

If you love trivia, tales from ancient times mention the gladioli as having magical powers.

The other August flower is the poppy, which is also a remembrance symbol. The yellow bloom wishes success and wealth for the recipient.

September – Asters, Morning Glory

Asters are enchanting, and they represent love, positivity, faith, and wisdom.

The other September flower is the morning glory, which shows affection for someone dear.

October – Cosmos, Marigold

Cosmos lets the receiver know that you want her to have a serene and harmonious experience.

The marigold symbolizes prosperity and optimism, which is a beautiful wish for the birthday celebrant. The flower is also a sign of undying love. It’s best to combine the bloom with other blossoms so that the recipient doesn’t misinterpret it to mean sympathy and sadness.

November – Chrysanthemum

There’s only one flower for November birthdays, and that’s the chrysanthemum. It comes in various colors, giving you the option to convey unique messages that signify the relationship you have with the receiver.

Red blooms, as always, mean “I love you,” and white reflects purity and innocence. The yellow ones indicate that you’re slighted, so note this when choosing mums for a bouquet.

December – Holly, Narcissus, Poinsettia

December is filled with choices as you have the holly, poinsettia, and narcissus. There isn’t much romance in them, but they offer positive messages.

Giving hollies tells the recipient that you wish them happiness in their home. If you want someone you love to stay the way they are, narcissus is an excellent choice.

What’s a Perfect Bouquet?

Use these tips to choose flowers that say more than your words can express. You want the recipient to feel your intent, and that ultimately makes any arrangement perfect.

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