Whether you’re trying to free yourself of clutter or simply want a fresh new look, there’s no time like the present to change up your living space. With current times asking everyone around the globe to stay socially distant for what feels like months on end, chances are most of us spend the majority of each day at home. For anyone that’s feeling a little stir crazy, it might be time for some constructive change like giving your home an exciting minimalist makeover.  

What is Minimalist Home Design? 

To put the concept simply, the idea behind minimalist design is that less is more. In general, transforming your home into a minimalist space should incorporate functional design features, such as: 

  • No visible clutter
  • Clean lines and simple line furnishings 
  • Open floor plan
  • Create a neutral base with color used as an accent   
  • Plenty of light (natural and synthetic if necessary)
  • Comfortable and inviting layout 
  • Only incorporate furniture that serves a purpose 

Fashioning a minimalist home can be subject to your taste as long as the design is clear and simple. Design each room to focus only on essentials and a few personal items that create a calming living environment. In other words, don’t clutter rooms with too much furnishing or accessories and trinkets. 

Bringing Minimalist Design to Your Home 

Before getting started, the most important thing to remember is not to take on too much at once. That means focusing on making over one room or area at a time. Otherwise, you’ll burn yourself out just from jumping from one idea to the next before any change has actually been made. To give your home a proper minimalist makeover, make a list of each space that you want to target, for example: 

  • Living room 
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen 
  • Front hall/Foyer 

Once you have a list, or even just a single room in mind, it’s time to let the home makeover fun begin! 

Curating a Minimalist Home Makeover 

Like any good makeover entails, the first step, after picking the area where you want to start, is to clear out every bit of clutter. Then comes the less exciting, but necessary, part of cleaning that newly cleared space like it’s never been cleaned before. Once the area is looking fresh and spotless it’s time to envision how you’d like to set up the space with a new minimalist design approach. 

For instance, those that chose a living room minimalist makeover to start can consider the following: 

  • How much furniture to use (think quality over quantity) 
  • Position the furniture to prioritize functionality and style 
  • Decorate using different textures in similar tones 

To abide with the less is more approach of minimalism, there’s a good chance you’ll have extra furniture and belongings with no place to go. Instead of parting with anything you may later regret, keep your haul safe but out of sight in one of the many storage units College Station has to offer. 

Now get ready to enjoy the simplistic bliss of your minimalist home makeover! 

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