What if we told you that the best summer looks are for women over 50?

Inspiring summer outfits for mature women, in which there is no lack of prints, monochrome looks or some classics such as black or hite dresses , which will inspire you, no matter how old you are, and which once again show that fashion does not understand ages. Take note.

Printed dress


Long printed dresses are among the essentials without which a summer day cannot go by. A classic that should not be missing in any good summer wardrobe, and with which you can take the opportunity to play with accessories and thus give a different touch to styling.

Dare with pink and red


Who said that pink and red cannot go hand in hand with the same look? This style is the evidence that, well combined and with the right clothes, they can get a style of ten. 

White and beige, the combination that does not go out of style


White is, without a doubt, the most versatile colour in the wardrobe and, although no combination can resist it, we know that one of the most popular options is the one you get together with black, but also together with beige. Two perfect colours for these summer months and with which you will be able to transmit elegance and style to any look .

Dare to mix printed garments


Prints are capable of brightening up any look and are also synonymous with summer. Dare to combine them with garments with different prints, but in similar shades to achieve an outstanding look.

Bet on vaporous and fresh fabrics


Not only do we invite you to dare with striking and vibrant colours, but also to do so through fresh and flowing fabrics. Fabrics such as satin, linen, silk or polyester are perfect for this time of year and in any type of garment. Their lightness and particular shine make them perfect fabrics for those afternoons on the terrace, for days at the beach or on classic summer nights. With them, you will be able to add elegance and glamour to any look.

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