@alilabelle is a one-of-a-kind authentic vibe. i’ve known ali since her days at ban.do and now, as she does her own thing, i can honestly say this is a true renaissance woman. this post began as part of my instagram worthy series, but i realize it’s become much more — there are many reasons to follow ali labelle. not only does she share wonderful fashion tips, travel and dining recs, culture and art — she’s a creative director, strategist, and brand consultant based in los angeles, and simply put, inspires me with everything she does. and i know i’m gushing, and i am a little embarrassed about it, but i do have more than a girl crush — it’s an all-out appreciation for someone who creates beauty from scratch. there’s nothing copycat about her. if anything, i worry i’ll become a bit of a copycat, but in the truest form of flattery. i just want to see the world through ali’s unique eyes, and i think you will, too.

ali runs @alilabellecreative, a creative branding and consultancy studio, and she also hosts one-on-one mentorship sessions for you creatives needing someone to bounce ideas off of or to receive feedback on your portfolio. she also writes the amazing substack à la carte, so be sure to subscribe if you like what you see here. she’s the incredible inspiration for my re-discovered love of mood boards and hers are works of art as you can see with her board inspired by ‘tomato girl summer’.

she’s also the alter ego behind @pastagirlfriend, what she calls ‘a pasta appreciation project’ wherein she collaborates with all sorts of unique brands to host fabulous dinner parties, with bespoke linens and other pasta-loving products that she designs, wine, and of course, pasta! she also posts a weekly job board on instagram in loads of creative fields, so if you’re on the job hunt, ali’s your girl — check those saved to her instagram highlights. let’s have a peek into the uniquely inspiring world of @alilabelle.

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• photography credits: all images courtesy of @alilabelle.