i don’t actually recall when i first discovered @evajorgensentravel, but it was a long while ago (flickr days, perhaps!) but i became an instant fan. i then found her book paris by design and it’s since become my francophile bible; each time I go to paris i look to it for guidance. part travel guide, part inspirational resource, eva’s book is packed with over two hundred insider recommendations from designers, artists and makers both local and abroad — we get their personal tips on everything paris has to offer — the best places to stay, where to find the most magical pastries, what floral shops you can’t miss, where to scoop up flea market finds and so much more.

eva’s instagram feed is essentially a guide to traveling through the lens of art and design, and a little bit quirky — keanu in paris for instance, loads of interior inspiration, and people-watching galore. her instagram is everything you’d want to get yourself psyched for a trip to france, even if you’re just desperately in need of an armchair travel day — and eva also offers several trips and retreats. get ready for lovely and often secret glimpses into the best cafes, museums, and vintage shopping, the paris tips locals have to offer, like a sneak peek into yves saint laurent’s paris atelier, for instance. do be sure to sign up for her newsletter, and visit her website, eva jorgensen for much more inspiration. bon voyage.

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• photography credits: all photos courtesy of @evajorgensentravel and her book, paris by design.