it’s rather daunting challenge to pair down the list of talented people who inspired me this year on instagram to just a sampling, but i’ve done my best to select a few that i think do things a little differently, putting their own very personal stamp on their projects, making them stand out in our daily feeds. i notice as i get older, my taste gets quirkier, and one might even say eccentric, but my mind easily tires of cookie-cutter design, so i tend to seek out those designers, stylists, and photographers that see things from their own unique perspective. as we wind down 2023, i thought i’d share just a few of those creative souls. here’s to those who see the world a little more uniquely and aspire to share their inspiring minds with us.

@marieolssonnylander — designer / entrepreneur / interior designer / antique lover. i’m slightly obsessed with everything marie puts her magical touch to. her color palettes are slightly off-kilter, which is what I love best. pairing chocolate brown and pale pink (see her website to see what i mean) is one of her specialties, and her decor is very wabi-sabi — that imperfect perfection that i also call celebratory decay. and she also runs where you can shop her incredibly unique and vintage bespoke finds.

@colinking — stylist / artistic director / designer extraordinaire. colin’s had quite a year from launching new lines with the likes of bedding for cultiver, a unique furniture collection for the future perfect, home accessories with audo, and fabulously cushy rugs for beni, he’s been pretty much unstoppable, luckily for us. you can also buy his design book, one of my favorites this year, arranging things.

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