All images © Bellerby & Co. Globemakers, shared with permission

Peter Bellerby (previously) ventured into globemaking when searching for a gift for his father’s 80th birthday, an endeavor that spurred him to launch Bellerby & Co. Today, the bespoke studio is known for its entirely handcrafted works, which Bellerby discusses in a new interview supported by Colossal Members. Each globe is the product of multiple hands, passing between cartographers, skilled modelmakers, and painters, evidencing the painstaking process and extraordinary precision the team prizes.

While what we’re doing is incredibly accurate and some of the best globes I would hope to imagine have been made in hundreds of years, it’s still an art. You can’t just say, “this is what it is, and by using this math formula, that’s how you solve the equation.” You don’t solve the equation by using math. You solve it by your artistic ability.

In this conversation with managing editor Grace Ebert, Bellerby recounts starting a business with zero experience, shares his love for change and disruption, and discusses the endlessly fascinating world of globes.