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Jérôme Oudot Trëz, seamlessly intertwines drawing and digital creation. His artistic journey began digitally, evolving into a successful career as a “Layout artist” for 3D animation films. A transformative 2009 exhibition (Materia Prima Art Factory, France) marked a shift in perspective, revealing the captivating allure of his creations to art enthusiasts.





Blending traditional and digital mediums, Jérôme digitally reworks paper drawings, creating animated GIFs and limited edition prints. Bridging classical and digital artistry, he masterfully expresses emotion in drawing and a mechanical essence in the digital realm.

Inspired by German expressionists Nicola Samori and Olivier de Sagazan, Jérôme infuses violence and deformation into his work. Influenced by Hans Ruedi Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinski, he combines organic and mechanical elements, reflecting a fear of pain and death. Dave McKean’s creative vision further shapes his multifaceted approach.



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