SPACEBASE created a bright space for the Jobis & Villains offices in Seoul, South Korea.

An office is the space where people spend the most extended amount of time, and it represents the organizational culture of a company.

Fast-growing IT companies showcase their corporate culture through the interior design of their office spaces and use it as a factor to attract talented person.

When we received the Request for Proposal (RFP) outlining the needs for the new office space of Jarvis & Villains, also known as “삼쩜삼,” we were pleasantly surprised to find that our perspective as professional space designers, aimed at understanding the evolving trends and needs in office spaces, was aligned with theirs.

삼쩜삼 has a main slogan of ‘YOU WORK, WE HELP,’ so they are well-aware of the needs of working people.

Their main essential requirements included the need for a space that allows for lightweight and quick meetings, no need a desk for head or executive suites, a space design that doesn’t get boring, furniture that reflects 삼쩜삼’s identity, a lounge area connected from the entrance, and a omportable chair is the top priority.

They had an outlook on office spaces that aligned with the needs of the emerging generations, adapting to the trends of this era. They also embraced a proactive approach to accommodate the changes in offices that occurred after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Located in Teheran-ro, 삼쩜삼 utilizes a total of 400 square meters across two floors. The 9th floor serves as the office space, while the 10th floor houses eight meeting rooms and a lounge.

The 9th floor, serving as the office space, is designed to enhance work concentration, with a total of around 160 workstations, excluding OA zone, and phone booths.

The 10th floor, with a higher proportion of common areas like a lounge, is directly accessible from the elevator hall. The lounge is positioned right at the entrance, with a central multi-vision display and 삼쩜삼’s character, ‘점쌈이’. All the staff gathered to create a large lounge where they could hold a meeting. 삼쩜삼’s corporate brand embodies youthful activity and friendliness. Table tennis matches are held within the company, and team members often bond over drinks. To naturally maintain this atmosphere, a refresh area with gaming consoles, ping pong tables, and books is created on the side of the lounge.

Within the office space itself, various workspaces are provided, including individual focus workspaces, hot desks, and plant-filled areas, enabling employees to choose their work environment as needed.

삼쩜삼 represents the era when freelancers, part-time workers, and creators are on the rise. By using Jarvis & Villains’ 삼쩜삼 service, they can easily handle their tax refunds without the need for tax representatives. This role of 삼쩜삼 brought to mind the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ Instead of directly representing it in a tangible form, the design aims to create a space that feels like a fairytale, with the placement of colors and space evoking the feeling of unfolding a storybook, a space where enjoyable stories can unfold.

Design Team: Youngun Kim, Soyun Jo, Seunghwa Lee
Construction: Gabhui Jo
Photography: Jeonggyu Kim

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