Get ready for major design inspiration. On November 30, Azure will moderate a double-header of talks at Lightform’s Toronto showroom.

It’s part of LightForm’s Annual Show and Tell event, open to the Toronto architecture and design community. Starting at 2PM, guests can view new architectural and decorative lighting displays, and meet local and international brands, including Lee Broom, Gabriel Scott, Studio d’Armes, Roll & Hill, B.Lux, Astro Lighting, Santa & Cole, BuzziSpace, Reggiani, and CoeLux.

The AZURE TALKS will begin at 6PM. RSVP here.

Lee Broom portrait, black and white

We’ll be chatting with UK designer Lee Broom about Divine Inspiration — which wowed us in Milan last June and will be on display at Lightform. Influenced by Brutalism and places of worship, the series includes the architectural Pantheum and Vesper lights (the latter are shown with Lee Broom himself, above) as well as the hand-sculpted Requiem fixtures, which feature plaster-dipped fabric wrapped around glass orbs and rings.

We’ll also be helming a panel with five heavyweights in North American lighting design: Alessandro Munge, Jason Miller, Gildas Le Bars, and Brad Ascalon.

Alessandro Munge runs Studio Munge, the Toronto firm best known for its luxurious hospitality interiors around the world; of late, the practice has also begun to produce furniture and lighting collections. Alessandro Munge was recently invited by Gabriel Scott to reimagine its iconic Welles light – his interpretation also proved popular during Milan Design Week, where it adorned the legendary Bar Basso.

Clockwise from top: Alessandro Munge, Jason Miller, d’Armes and Brad Ascalon.

Based out of Brooklyn, Jason Miller’s Roll & Hill, meanwhile, has been a top design firm for 12 years, collaborating with major talents – including Bec Brittain, Formafantasma and Lukas Peet – on sculptural, space-making fixtures.

From Montreal, Gildas Le Bars formed Studio D’armes in 2016 with partner Alexandre Joncas to “create enigmatic and modern light structures with a singular poetic approach.” It boasts a tight-knit team of professionals, designers and craftsmen thoughtfully weaving in tandem refined, distinct and timeless designs.

New York’s Brad Ascalon has designed for companies as varied as Design Within Reach, Ligne Roset and Bernhardt Design. His Crosshatch lighting system for B.lux was recently nominated for an Interior Design Best of Year award.

We’re excited to be speaking with all these enormous talents!


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