Summer is the time to recharge our batteries, to feel the freedom that travelling gives us, to enjoy the beach, the sun and those moments of peace that vacations give us. Juliette Has a Gun has condensed all these sensations in Magnolia Bliss, her new addition to her family of fragrances, which we like so much for her original and eclectic spirit.


This is a fruity floral perfume that surprises with a refreshing and citrus entry provided by bergamot and a declaration of intent about the festive spirit that it entails. Little by little, the warmth of a bouquet of magnolias is discovered, which combined with hints of mirabelle plum, results in a juicy and exquisite heart that you can’t stop smelling. The background of musk and ambroxan provide that sophisticated and voluptuous touch so characteristic of Romano Ricci‘s creations.

One feature to keep in mind is that it is an eau de parfum, so its fixation is quite good and its trail lasts. When you apply it in the morning, you still notice it at the end of the day, so it’s a fragrance that stays with you all day.


Although you might only usually use fruity perfumes during the summer, Magnolia Bliss is more timeless, perhaps because as it evolves on the skin it is easy for me to discover those floral touches with which you can identify so much. It is a beautiful perfume to give ourselves a good dose of positive and summer energy, even if it has not started yet and even when it is over.

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