Shanghai subsidiary of this business is positioned as a more high-end product development and manufacturing center. Based on this positioning, the overall design style of the new office is modern, showing the fusion of technology and the corporate culture of Kingsemi. Adhering to the people-oriented principle, the new office realizes efficiency and health in terms of space layout and furniture products.

The front desk features a predominantly white color scheme, utilizing lines and other design elements to create a space with a sense of modernity and technology.Bright sunlight shines into the office and the light creates a perfect match with the space and furniture.

The conference room has a large space to meet the needs of large-scale meetings, the conference table adopts hidden integrated power lines, and the power adapter is configured under the table, so that every participant has a convenient power support.

There are many employees in this office building, in order to enhance the working experience of the employees, this enterprise has planned a super large-scale restaurant, where all the tables and chairs are made of environmentally friendly panels, colorful and healthy furniture, which makes the restaurant more energetic and enhances the pleasure of dining.

Design: CEFOC
Photography: courtesy of NOVAH

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