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design hunter.

occasionally, it just feels good to lighten up. clear the clutter out, and let your ‘signature’ pieces speak for themselves in a monochromatic environment. a cool white slouchy sofa, or your prettiest pendant lamp — your favorite artwork for instance. these spaces all do that, but they don’t come across as cold either. just simple, calm and very relaxing.

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there are a few good books i’ve kept forever in my design library about getting the look: monochrome home, at home with white, peace at home, simple home, keep it simple and living with light. some of them are out of print, but can be found super cheap at used books stores and even amazon — so look around. they all convey the inspiring light look really well and all contain excellent styling tips for keeping things simple, but very liveable.

white walls and gold retro mirror / sfgirlbybay

laure joliet photography for domino.

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bo bedre.

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finders keepers via bungalow5.

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deer coffee.

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sara medina lind photography.

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maison premiere.

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cereal magazine.